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A sew-in weave is a type of hair extension that is where real or synthetic human hair is sewn onto small, tightly woven braids against the scalp. Tiffane Nicol sew-in weave will last for at least three months before it must be taken out; Tiffane recommend 6 to 8 weeks. Sew in’s a good choice for a person who frequently work out, transitioning from relaxed to natural hair, a person looking for a new look, low maintenance, protective style and great for hair growth!
Tiffane Nicol sew-in weaves takes anywhere from two to four hours for install and style.. The price of a sew-in weave may vary depending on whether real or synthetic hair is used, the amount of hair sewn in, the style and the customization of the sew in (vixen sew in, 3 way part sew in, lace closure sew in, versatile sew in, braid-less sew in, micro links sew in, Track Sew-in, full sew in and/or traditional sew in).

Maintaining a sew-in weave is easy, can done at home but purchasing professional salon products but recommended to be maintained by a professional stylist. Tiffane Nicol recommends shampooing and conditioning weave once a week, no longer then every two weeks. To help promote hair growth consistency is the key; regular shampoos and conditions is imperative. Just like our hair, Sew-in weaves tangle, but this could be prevented by wrapping hair with silk scarf while sleeping and. brushing the weave daily.

Sew-in techniques:

Traditional Sew-in: a basic install where little hair is left out to cover the extensions.

Traditional Sewin

Full Sew-in: No hair is left out, this technique is great for persons wanting to work out and have very low maintenance.

full sewin

Vixen Sew-in: Four ponytail sew-in

vixen sewin

3 Way Part Sew-in: this install allow client to wear sew-in in 3 different parts and the option for a ponytail

3 way part

Lace Closure Sew-in: this technique is similar to the Full Sew-in but with a lace closure unit. The lace closure is a natural looking unit sewn down to create natural looking parts and hair line.

Lace Closure & Body Wave

Lace Closure & Body Wave

Versatile Sew-in: allow client to wear high ponytails and versatile styles. This technique is similar to the traditional sew-in install with more hair left out.

Body Wave

Body Wave

Braid-less Sew -in and Micro Links Sew-in: this technique eliminate bulkiness throughout the hair, leaves no lumps or bumps, and gives more flexibility with styling as far as putting your hair up into an up do style and a high, flat ponytail without any visible extensions. Because your hair is not braided down, there is more breathing room for the scalp, which allows thorough cleansing when washing your hair and painless!

Braidless Sewin

Braidless Sewin

Track by Track Sew-in: This sew-in offer versatility as well, same ideal of a braidless sew-in but the extensions are sewn to single row braids track by track!

Track By Track Sewin

Quick Weave

Traditional Quick Weave: Hair molded, sealed and extensions applied by bonding glue. Technique last 2 to 3 weeks.

Quick Weave

Quick Weave

Pronto Quick Weave: Hair is braided, molded and extensions are applied by bonding glue. Technique last 4 to 6 weeks, install takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Pronto Quick Weave

27 Piece: Same technique as the traditional quick weave with 27 piece hair for short hair styles.

Sassy Mohawk 27 piece

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