Blowouts, Dry Bar, Round Brush

No Cut! No color!

Just a beautiful blowout & shampoo







Whats a blowout service? 

Most simply, a blowout is the process of getting your hair professionally shampooed, dried, and styled with a round brush and a blowdryers.

Are there any real benefits to getting a blowout?

We think so! After you get your first great blowout, we think you’ll feel like someone just let you in on the best beauty tip in the world. We could go on and on about it…

Not only does it feel amazing and look gorgeous, it’s a whole lot more fun to sit in a chair and chat with your friend or read a book than it is to sweat it out in your bathroom, solo. And if you want to get technical, having someone else shampoo your scalp stimulates circulation and endorphins, too!

The best part? When a blowout is done right (and with a few touch up tricks) you can keep your hairdo for days. Not only does that mean you’re cutting down on exposing your hair to unnecessary heat damage—think about what this means for extra sleep-in hours alone!

blowout and waves

blowout and waves

How long will it take?

Our appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes. Our stylists have been trained to get the job done in a way that maximizes results, in the most efficient time frame possible. That said, if you have extremely long, thick hair, or want a special look that is not in our look book (or all of the above), just give us a heads up when you’re booking that you think you might need some extra time. We will advise you if it falls outside of our basic $40 blowout service.

Additional Services:

Schwarzkopf Professional & Redken Color Bar

color services:$85 & up

Foil partial: $65 Full: $85

Hydration Cocktail: $20

Glaze: $20

Hair Mask (good for chemical treated hair): $20

Cut: $25  up

Trim: $15 & up

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